Evolutionary Factors Lesson Plans

  • Assessment
    Evolution of Populations Quiz
    This quiz assesses students knowledge of how populations evolve, gene pools, types of isolation, speciation, species diversity, genetic drift, and macroevolution.
    NGSS Standard
    HS-LS4.B: Natural Selection
    HS-LS4.C: Adaptation
    Published by High School
  • Class Activity
    Genetic Drift Activity
    Lesson Plan
    Student Handout
    Students role dice and chart how a pretend worm population reproduces through many generations. This activity is easy to perform and lets students visually see how an allele frequency appears to occur randomly. 5 colored pencils and dice are required for each group of students.
    NGSS Standard
    HS-LS4.B: Natural Selection
    Published by The University of Arizona High School

More Evolutionary Factors lesson plans are in the works.
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