MS-LS1.C: Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms Lesson Plans

  • Class Activity
    What Happens When You Eat?
    Lesson Plan
    These six activities will enhance the student's knowledge of what organs aid in digestion and how digestion occurs in the human body. Students will have a more comprehensive understanding of what happens in their bodies when they eat.
    NGSS Standard
    MS-LS1-7 (Metabolism)
    Published by Kelly Ludwig
  • Lab Experiment
    Owl Pellets
    Student Handout
    Owl pellets can be used to teach a part of the natural food chain. They can also be used to teach skeletal structure of rodents. Owl pellets are compact undigested parts which the owl eats. The owl regurgitates these compact pellets which contain fur, bones, etc. of small rodents. Dry pellets will not smell or be unpleasant for students to handle.
    NGSS Standard
    MS-LS1-7 (Metabolism)
    MS-LS2-1 (Resource Availability)
    Published by Shannan Muskopf

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