HS-LS2.D: Social Interactions and Group Behavior

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    The Science of Ape Intelligence
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    Student will watch the video about the science of ape intelligence and, after watching, discuss answers to questions related to similarities and differences between intelligence in apes and in humans. Students are first organized into teams to track experiments and field observations. Students then watch the video (online or by DVD) and take notes on their topic. Student next will meet in their groups and fill in the two worksheets. Lastly, student will have a class discussion about the topics discussed.
    NGSS Standard
    MS-LS1-8 (Brain)
    Published by Margy Kuntz, NGHT, Inc. and WGBH Educational Foundation
  • HS-LS2.D: Social Interactions and Group Behavior Test / Quiz
    Group Behavior Test Question Bank
    Published by NGSS Life Science. Free Lesson Plan (PDF)

    Lesson Plan (DOCX) & Answer Key with Membership
    The animal group behavior quiz question bank includes natural selection, mutualism, parasites, altruism, and sentry behavior. You can use the question bank to build assessments, and active membership is required to view questions.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by NGSS Life Science

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