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Evolution from Sea to Land
        Types of evolution worksheets are designed for high school, middle school, and elementary school life science teachers. Types of evolution include artificial selection worksheets, gene flow labs, and bottleneck effect experiments. Click the Free Lesson Plan (PDF) link below or become a member to get access to the answer key and editable file. Free types of evolution curriculum includes:
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    Types of Evolution Worksheet
    Published by NGSS Life Science. Free Lesson Plan (PDF)

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    High School Worksheet
    Students are introduced to vocabulary about the different types of evolution (different types of selection, genetic drift, allele frequencies), and they use that vocabulary to answer evolution questions.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by NGSS Life Science
  • Types of Evolution Lab Experiment
    Genetic Drift Lab
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    Middle School Lab
    Students role dice and chart how a pretend worm population reproduces through many generations. This activity is easy to perform and lets students visually see how an allele frequency appears to occur randomly. 5 colored pencils and dice are required for each group of students.
    NGSS Standard
    MS-LS4-5 (Artificial Selection)
    MS-LS4-6 (Trait Frequencies)
    Published by The University of Arizona
Abiogensis Evolution

Types of Evolution Concepts

  • Artificial Selection - humans are involved in selecting the surviving / reproducing organisms.
  • Natural Selection - environment selects which traits are advantagous for survival and reproduction.
  • Sexual Selection - increase reproductive success.
  • Directional Selection - one extreme phenotype thrives.
  • Stabilizing Selection - intermediate phenotypes thrive, both extreme phenotypes die off.
  • Disruptive Selection - both extreme phenotypes thrive, intermediate phenotypes die off.
  • Genetic Drift - founder effect, bottleneck effect.
  • Gene Flow - migration, mating between different populations.

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