• Classroom Management Strategies

    Classroom management
       We have identified the top 10 guidelines one should follow in order to achieve great classroom management. These classroom management strategies can work for any teacher, but are intended for middle school and high school teachers.
  •    Classroom management is how the teacher delivers the curriculum, as well as the environment in which students will learn. Most credential programs leave the classroom management style up to the teacher, focusing instead on another important aspect of teaching, curriculum. There are a lot of strategies that a middle school or high school teacher can use in order to create an optimal learning environment. Teachers with the best classroom management usually have their class working and learning seamlessly.
  •    The most important classroom management strategy is keeping every student safe and engaged in the curriculum. Safety is always first and more or less obvious. The less obvious and difficult to maintain is "how do you keep students engaged?" The answer is student-centered curriculum. Students want to have fun, understand the purpose of what they are learning, and most importantly, discover their world. A class focused on this type of curriculum, inquiry based learning, is difficult to maintain in this age of standardized testing. Teachers can use our online teaching app as homework to teach the students the content in a way that is both interactive and engaging. How many great teachers have you had in your life? Ask this question to other adults. Most people will say that they have had one to five great teachers in their life, when they have probably had over forty teachers during the course of their schooling. That is a big gap. A great teacher needs great curriculum. But writing great curriculum is both difficult and time consuming. Let us become your first resource for great science curriculum.
  •    NGSS Life Science offers middle school and high school teachers ideas to help with your class syllabus, class policy, parent-teacher communication, and more. We provide many classroom management strategies for grading policies, class rules, classroom procedures, late work, substitutes, managing groups, establishing a safe classroom environment, and so much more.
  • * Disclaimer: Before implementing any ideas from this website, please first consult your principal to make sure they are in compliance with state laws, district and school procedures.
  • " Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. "

Top 10 Classroom Rules

  1. Every student is engaged in the curriculum.
  2. Classroom procedures create consistency
  3. Check for understanding
  4. Create a safe classroom environment using respect.
  5. Use classroom consequences to correct wrong student behavior.
  6. Use the tone of your voice and body language to communicate.
  7. Academically challenge every student.
  8. Easily get your students' attention.
  9. Use a classroom seating chart.
  10. Increase participation by using collaboration.