Cell Organelles Lesson Plans

  • Class Activity
    Photosynthesis Activity
    Published by NGSS Life Science. Free Lesson Plan (PDF)

    Lesson Plan (DOCX) & Answer Key with Membership
    Students learn the chemical formula for photosynthesis by acting out plant's photosynthetic process including photosystem 2, photosystem 1, and the Calvin cycle. Great visual and kinesthetic activity.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by NGSS Life Science
  • Worksheet
    Cell City Analogy WS
    Lesson Plan
    This simple worksheet provides a narrative story about the different parts of a city with underlined words. Students then match the underlined words with the different organelles of a cell.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by Shannan Muskopf

More Cell Organelles lesson plans are in the works.
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