Natural Selection Lesson Plans

  • Multimedia
    Natural Selection Game (Flash Player Required)
    Students use the animation to learn how natural selection influenced populations of peppered moths. Great game where students get to pretend they are a bird and eat camouflaged peppered moths. You will need to have [url="" target="_blank"]Adobe Shockwave[/url] installed to use this animation.
    NGSS Standard
    HS-LS4.B: Natural Selection
    Published by Techapps High School
  • Worksheet
    Survival of the Sneakiest - Comic Strip
    Lesson Plan
    This comic follows the efforts of a male cricket as he tries to attract a mate, and in the process, debunks common myths about what it means to be evolutionarily "fit."
    NGSS Standard
    HS-LS4.C: Adaptation
    Published by Josh Frankel High School

More Natural Selection lesson plans are in the works.
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