Environmental Science Lesson Plans

  • Multimedia
    California’s Energy Initiative
    California looks into developing clean energy to supply its needs. Economics, environmental science, politics, and electricity generation topics are covered.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by WGBH Educational Foundation High School
  • Lab Experiment
    Particulates in the Air
    Lesson Plan
    Students put Petroleum jelly on microscope slides to collect air particulates at different locations. Students then discuss the likely sources of the particulates.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by Stephen Levine High School
  • Project
    Environmental Impact Project
    Published by NGSS Life Science. Lesson Plan (PDF)

    Lesson Plan (DOCX) with Membership
    This is a comprehensive group project where students learn and make decisions about the environmental, social, economic benefits from developing a plot of land. Topics include water carbon nitrogen cycles, ecosystems, food web and energy pyramids and environmental science research.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by NGSS Life Science High School
  • Assessment
    Interactions of Ecosystems Quiz
    Lesson Plan
    This quiz assesses students knowledge of population ecology, rates of growth, population models, environmental science, human impact on an ecosystem, and ecological succession.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by High School
  • Air Quality Monitoring Guide
    Lesson Plan
    Provides students with info on the six air pollutants that the EPA monitors in the USA. Also included is how students can monitor air pollution.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by NASA High School

More Environmental Science lesson plans are in the works.
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