Chromosomes Lesson Plans

  • Assessment
    Chromosomes Quiz
    Lesson Plan
    This quiz assesses students knowledge of chromosomes including their structure, homologous chromosomes, sex chromosomes and autosomes, cells with haploid or diploid number of chromosomes, and reproductive cells.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by High School
  • Class Activity
    Chromosome Mutation Activity
    Published by NGSS Life Science. Lesson Plan (PDF)

    Lesson Plan (DOCX) with Membership
    This activity is inquiry based where students mimic chromosome mutations by cutting and pasting paper chromosomes. Students then use this activity to defend a claim that inheritable variations can be caused by mutations.
    NGSS Standard
    HS-LS3.B: Variation of Traits
    Published by NGSS Life Science High School
  • Worksheet
    Genetics Introduction
    Student Handout
    Teacher Notes
    These activities help students to understand the basic principles of genetics, including Punnett squares and pedigree analysis. The understanding of meiosis and fertilization developed in the meiosis is linked to the understanding of basic principles of genetics.
    NGSS Standard
    Published by Ingrid Waldron and Jennifer Doherty High School

More Chromosomes lesson plans are in the works.
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